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Indigenous People(s): Sapara
Country: Ecuador
Product(s): Chocolate, Cancer medicine, Seeds, Tea
Description: The NAKU initiative was created by the Llanchamacocha community with the idea of preserving and sharing the Sapara culture and traditions, which are in dire threat of extinction. By sharing the Sapara culture and cosmovision with the rest of the world, NAKU hopes to conserve the remaining pristine forest. The neighboring Matsakaw, Naku, and Naruka communities have also joined the project. NAKU aims to be an example of a sustainable development alternative to oil extraction.

NAKU offers community tourism focused on medicinal healing by allowing visitors to have a deeper connection to Sapara culture and the forest, from which all of the Sapara's healing powers originate. NAKU also manufactures medicinal drinks and is currently distributing them in the local market.

Working together with Pacari, NAKU is also developing chocolate bars with medicinal plants from the Sapara community.
Contact: Manari Ushigua, Belén Páez
Telephone: +593 99 944 1930
Source of Information: Pinned onto Indigenous Map - Belén Páez

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