Rede de Sementes do Portal da Amazônia

Country: Brazil
Product(s): Seeds of native forest species
Description: The Rede de Sementes do Portal da Amazoniaa is organized as a cooperative selling seeds of forest species for environmental recovery projects. The network is made up of 120 collectors, farmers and NGOs from eight municipalities of Motto Gross, who live in a region called "Portal de la Amazonía." This initiative was developed based on the example of projects such as the Red de Semillas Xingu, and is supported by the NGO Instituto de Oro verde, with financing from Fondo Amazonia.
Contact: Anderson Rogério Lopes
Telephone: +55 66 3521 7917
Source of Information: Pinned onto Indigenous Map - Alexandre Olival

*We have limited information about this initiative. If you know more, contact us at or click here and drop a pin in our map to add information.

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