Rede de Artesãs Mulheres de Fibra

Country: Brazil
Product(s): Fiber handcrafts, Seeds
Description: The Rede de Artesãs Mulheres de Fibra - Portal da Amazonia was created in 2011 to promote the economic development of artisans living in various municipalities of Matto Grosso. Their pieces are made by hand from Buriti, Patauá, Tucum, and plantain fiber, and from seeds and vines from the Amazon. The network's goal is to contribute to environmental conservation and to generate incomes for the men and women in rural areas, emphasizng their cultural identity and collective work culture. Some of there products are giftboxes, cups, tablecloths, coasters, straw flowers, and floral arrangements. Orders can be placed on their Facebook page:
Contact: Ana Carolina França Bogo
Telephone: +55 66 3521 7917

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