Projeto Embarca Marajó

Indigenous People(s): People from Marajó Island
Country: Brazil
Description: The "Embarca Marajó' project seeks to strengthen natural resource management and the sustainability of productive initiatives amontst the indigenous and traditional populations in the Marajó Island, located in the municipalities of Melgaço, São Sebastião da Boa Vista, Portel, Curralinho, Breves and Gurupá. The NGO responsible for the project's execution is the Instituto Internacional de Ecucação do Brasil (IEB), which receives support from the Instituto Vitória Régia and from the Instituto Peabiru, financed by the Fondo Socioambiental de la Caixa Econômica Federal.
Source of Information: Author. Instituto Vitória Régia. Consulted in may 2016. Link.

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