Fundo Dema

Indigenous People(s): Various
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Production of tree seedlings, Beekeeping, Organic fertilizer, Fruit pulp
Description: The Fundo Dema is a fiduciary fund established in 2003 by civil society organizations and representatives of indigenous and traditional communities living in the Amazon rainforest. The fund's first resources were generated through a donation of six thousand mahogany trunks that were illegally logged in Pará, and which were then allocated to the fund by IBAMA (the environmental control organization in Brazil). The indigenous and traditional organizations decided to designate the money to the support of forest conservation projects; to the protection of social rights, local cultures, and biodiversity; and to improve gender equality and food security.

The Fund has supported numerous small projects implemented by local associations, including productive activities such as beekeeping, producing organic fertilizers, reforestation, application of agroforestry systems, and the construction of fruit processing plants. The NGO FASE is responsible for the fund's administration. The forest communnities' organizations actively participate in the fund's management through a steering committee and advisory council. The Dema fund has received financing from the Fondo Amazonía and the Ford Foundation.
Source of Information: Fundo Dema. Consulted in May 2016. Link.

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