Origens Brasil

Indigenous People(s): Xingu
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Seal of origin
Description: Origens Brasil® is both a certification of origin as well as an online platform compiling information on the production chain of indigenous goods. This initiative was created in 2016, and currently involves two main products: honey from the Associação Terra Indígena Xingu (Atix) and bread from Grão Sabor Castanha-do-Pará, made with chestnuts harvested by Amazon indigenous communities. You can find information on these forest products on their website http://origensbrasil.org.br/produtos/. The seal allows consumers to understand the stories behind the products, and to get to know the socioenvironmental diversity that creates them: the lands where the materials were collected and the groups that produce them.

In this way, Origens Brasil hopes to promote sustainable, local production. Their main goal is to create transparency in the production chain and to develop a market that is more ethical, sustainable, and respectful of indigenous communities. Their vision is to contribute to the conservation of social and environmental diversity throughout these comunities. To this end, Origens Brasil has developed a system for measuring and evaluating the impact of their initiative on the indigenous territories and populations. Their system is based off of a combination of monitoring technology and indicators on information collected throughout different parts of the production chain. Through this analysis they hope to demonstrate the strategic importance that these areas hold in guaranteeing basic ecosystem services on a global level. The indigenous populations of Xingu, the Instituto de Manejo e Certificação Florestal e Agrícola (Imaflora) (the current managing body of Origens Brasil) and the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) are responsible for this initiative. Other important associations were established with Wickbold: the supermarket network Pão de Açúcar, Firmenich and Mercur, LDC: the Unión para el Biocomercio Ético (UEBT), Grupo NSC, Instituto Atá Sourcemap, Key Associados, Safe Trace, Fondo Vale, the Moore Foundation, Fondo Amazonia, Rainforest Foundation Norway, and Petrobras.
Location: Estrada Chico Mendes, 185, Piracicaba, São Paulo
Website: http://origensbrasil.org.br
Source of Information: Origens Brasil. Consulted in April, 2016. Link.

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