Associação Floresta Protegida

Indigenous People(s): Mebengokrê/Kayapó
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Chestnut, Pequi, Handicrafts, Cocoa
Description: The Associação Floresta Protegida (AFP), headquartered in the city of Tucumán, was established in 2002 to support the Mebêngôkre / Kayapó indigenous community through various strengthening activities such as generating sustainable economic alternatives to generate incomes. The AFP's main goals include iimproving quality of life, valuing the culture, and protecting the rights of the indigenous communitiy. The association represents around 3,000 Mebêngôkre / Kayapó individuals who live in three indigenous territories (Kayapó, Mekrãgnoti y Las Casas) located in southern Pará. Some of the main kayapó products supported by the AFP's projects are Brazil nut, handicrafts, cacao, pequi and jaborandi. Brazil nut production is one of the most well-developed production practices for the Kayapó. In addition to being a traditional practice, both in cultural and economic terms, for Kayapó families, the collection of Brazil nuts contributes to forest conservation as the collectors monitor the different zones of their territory while harvesting. The nuts are harvested by the Kayapó, then collected and sold to CooBaY. Storage systems and the guarantee of more profitable prices is supported by a Brazilian policy to promote family agriculture, implemented by the Programa de Adquisición de Alimentos (PAA).

The AFP has recently established alliances with CAMPPAX to aid in adding value to the nuts by vacuum packaging them, and are working with IMAFLORA to certify their products as originating from the sociobiodiversity of Xingu. In 2015, the AFP began a project to commercialize pequí, a traditional fruit from the transitional region between the Amazon and the Cerrado (the Brazilian savannah). Part of the pequí production is then sold in street markts in Marabá, Pará. The AFP's goal is that this product also become an important source of income for the Kayapó community. Kayapó handicrafts are also famous for their originality and the beauty of the painted details and work with native grains. AFP has a shop in their headquarters in Tucumán, where they sell many of the artisanal goods made by the communities, such as baskets and decorative accessories. In 2015 they created the brand Kayapó Meprodjà, to channel this unique visual identity into more income for the community. You can find videos on the history of these artisanal products on the AFP web page (

The AFP is currently searching for partners and buyers to facilitate the commercialization of their products, especially cocoa and jaborandi. Jaborandi ((Pilocarpus microphyllus)) contains the active ingredient in pilocarpine, a drug used to treat glaucoma, and is therefore a valuable product for th pharmaceutical industry, and also has great potential for the cosmetics industry. The Kayapó territory is also ideal for cocoa production, which simultaneously helps to conserve forests due to cocoa's long productive life and its need for large shade trees in order to produce the highest quality cocoa.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Location: Rua Mogno, 240 Bairro: Monte Castelo , Tucumã, Para
Contact: Adriano Jerozolimski
Telephone: 55 (94) 3433-9611 / 55 (94) 3433-3611
Source of Information: (Consulted in April 2016) Link.

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