Programa Zo'é

Indigenous People(s): Zo'é
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Handicrafts
Description: The Zo'é are considered to be an isolated indigenous community by the Fundación Nacional del Indio (FUNAI), and consist of some 270 individuals living close to the Erepecuru River in the north of Pará. In 2011, the Programa Zo'é initiated an agreement between the FUNAI, Zo'é leaders, the Special Secretary of Indigenous Health (Sesai), and the Brazilian Ministry of Justice. One of the main results of this program was the creation of the Fondo de Artesanías Zo'é (FAZ), which aims to promote artisanal practices and sociocultural demonstrations among the Zo'é. The FAZ helped the Zo'é to understand transactions using money, allowing them to obtain a few items which they need from beyond their community . In 2013, the project "Artesanías Zo'é: el conocimiento y tecnologías relacionando mundos" was created through a partnership between the Funai and the Instituto Iepê de Investigación y Formación Indígena, with the support of the federal economic fund. The project has made it possible to hold artisanal workshops and has facilitated the production of baskets, fans, bracelets, and grills which can then be sold to generate income within the community. The project's second phase is focused on producing other items for commercialization and for a permanent exhibit in the Museu do Índio, in addition to traveling exhibitions in other parts of Brazil and abroad. It also aims to establish other points of sale in Brasilia, Manaus, Belém, Santarém, Sao Paulo and Río de Janeiro.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Location: Para
Contact: Fabio (FUNAI)
Source of Information: Programa Zo'é. Consulted in May 2016. Link.

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