Projeto Formiga - Oriximinà Farinha D'Água Producers

Country: Brazil
Product(s): Manioc flour, Fruits
Description: Oriximinà is one of the largest towns in the Amazon River basin, with an urban population of 20,000 and rural population of 30,000, a mix of descendants of slaves, indigenous people and farmers who settled here in the 1970s. Flour milled from manioc (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is the staple food in the region and is obtained from different varieties of the plant. The flour is called farinha d’agua because according to the traditional technique, the manioc is washed in the river for several days. After washing, the manioc is then dried and ground to obtain flour.
The Formiga project in Oriximinà involves 50 families and aims to promote sustainable, local, small-scale production not only for manioc, but also for fishing and the harvesting and processing of Amazonian fruits like pineapple, açai, acerola, carambola and graviola (soursop).
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Location: Oriximina, Para
Contact: Ana Maria Dos Santos Santana
Telephone: +55 9335441158
Source of Information: Consulted in March 2016. Link.

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