Macuxi Producers of Roraima

Indigenous People(s): Macuxi
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Chili peppers, Cassava flour, Handicrafts, Caxiri
Description: The CIR is the council of the indigenous peoples of Roraima, the region of the Amazon rainforest where they are most strongly concentrated. It includes eight ethnic groups, including the Yanomami, the Makuxi, the Wapixana and the Wai-Wai. The council, formed 20 years ago, now represents more than 20,000 Indians. The most symbolic region is Raposa-Serra do Sol, where there has been a great deal of violence against Indians in recent years. Here they produce the malagueta chili pepper (called capsicum or pimi ’ro in the local dialect), which has been used in Makuxi recipes since ancient times. The peppers are dessicated, ground, collected and packaged for the consumer market. An educational initiative involving local schools attended by indigenous children is in progress to enable the chili pepper to regain its original cultural value, thanks to the pimenteiras, women who live in Makuxi villages who still know how peppers were traditionally used.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Conservation Area: Raposa Serra Do Sol Indigenous Territory
Location: Raposa-Serra do Sol, Roraima
Contact: Herundino Ribeiro Do Nascimento Filho
Telephone: +55 9536265489
Source of Information: (Consulted in April 2016) Link.

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