Produtos da Sociobiodiversidade Kayapó

Indigenous People(s): Kayapó
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Brazil nut, Babasu oil, T shirts, Handicrafts
Description: Mekrãgnoti is a project by Sociobiodiversity Kayapó, focusing on the economic exploitation of various productive activities. These projects are being consolidated into the community´s main sustainable economic alternatives involving extractive production, cultivation in gardens, and handicraft production within the community. Thus far, the project utilizing chestnut has undergone three cycles: initially, communities sold the nuts in their shells to local middlemen; they then sought to benefit further from the nut and extract its oil with a focus on international markets; when this effort did not yield the desired results the communities returned to trading the whole nut. The Kaby Institute is working on a long-term plan to build a plant for processing the nuts, testing and structuring a mini-processing plant in order to add greater value to the product and diversify production. Another project, implemented by women of the Baú Village, stands out for its use of traditional methods for extracting oil form the babassu coconut. Despite the various possibilities for using and processing babassu, its oil currently has the greatest economic importance. The Inoka project, on the other hand, is an income-generating initiative by the Kayapó–Mekrãgnoti people, based on the use of cultural materials and designs printed on shirts. These activities benefit many families in which the financial return from the sale of the shirts has resulted in the creation and maintenance of a community fund, which is used exclusively for the purchase of traditional products (crafts) offered by the Kabu Institute, directly impacting incomes as well as fostering dialogue and interaction between the Kayapó and Kuben (non-indigenous) who buy and value indigenous products.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Conservation Area: Kayapó Indigenous Territory
Location: Av. Dr. Isaías Antunes Pinheiro, Nº 294 - Santa Luzia, Novo Progresso , Pará
Telephone: 55 93 3528-2644
Source of Information: Consulted in March 2016. Link.

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