Coopyawa - Cooperativa Agro-Extrativista Yawanawa

Indigenous People(s): Yawanawá
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Tourism, Wood, Ceramics, Agricultural products
Description: The Cooperativa do Povo Yawanawá (Coopyawa) aims to strengthen sustainable economic activities within the Nueva Esperanza and Ampara communities in the Yanawana do Rio Gregorio indigenous territory, which encompasses 187,000 hectares. Some of their main economic activities are etnotourism, sustainable agricultural production, andcreation of wood and ceramic goods. Cooopyawa organizes workshops to develop technical skills among the community members in order to promote a sustainable economy and cultural appreciation among the Yawanawá community.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Location: Rua Floriano Peixoto 473, Tarauacá, Acre
Contact: Biraci Yawanawá Jr
Source of Information: Projeto Corredor Pano. Link.

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