Fruta Sã (Frutos do Cerrado)

Indigenous People(s): Timbira
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Fruit pulp
Description: In 1993 the Wyty-Catë Association of the Timbira people of Maranhão and Tocantins began a discussion about the living conditions in the region. Thus was born the Cerrado Fruits Project - PFC, with the mission of proposing an alternative model for regional development, one without social inequalities and environmental degradation, implemented through the extraction, processing and marketing of native fruits. The project aims to assist indigenous organizations and small producers by accompanying them in the preparation and implementation of environmental projects, and by discussing the impact of major projects in the region, such as roads, hydroelectric plants, etc. with various stakeholders. In its economic application, the project combines income generation with the conservation of the Cerrado region through the agribusiness FrutaSã, Industry, Trade and Export SA. The CTI and Wyty-Catë are the majority owners of this enterprise.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Conservation Area: Timbira groups from Maranhão and Tocantins.
Supporting Agencies: CTI, Wyty-Cate
Location: Rodovia BR 010 , nº 2 Bairro Sucupira, Carolina, Maranhão
Contact: Omar
Telephone: 99 3531-2199
Source of Information: Pinned to Indigenous Map - Juliana Splendore.

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