Instituto Socioambiental

Indigenous People(s): Various
Country: Brazil
Description: Founded in 1994, the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) is an organization of Brazilian origin, recognized by national law as a civil society organization for the public interest (OSCIP). ISA's activities are centered around social and environmental questions, focusing on change through the defense of indigenous rights, the collective goods associated with indigenous cultural and environmental heritage, and with their society in its totality. Through their headquarters in Sao Paulo and offices located throughout Brazil (Brasilia, Manaos, San Gabriel de Cachoeira, Boa Vista, Altamira, Canarana and Eldorado), ISA carries out a wide range of projects working in sustainable development, especially amongst the indigenous Amazon communities of Río Negro and XIngu.

ISA contributed to structuring several, diverse indigenous productive initiatives that can be found on Canopy Bridge's Indigenous Atlas. In Xingu it played a decisive role in creating and maintaining the Xingu seed network and in developing the production chain for products with unique socio-biodiversity such as honey and pequi oil. In Río Negro ISA is a partner with OIBI, working to diffuse and commercialize Baniwa Pepper and the Galeria Amazônica, which sells artisanal handicrafts and artworks produced by the region's diverse ethnic groups. The Institute has also been essential to the creation of the Origens Brasil seal, which certifies products' origins as being from indigenous producers in Brazil, and monitors their social and environmental impacts. In addition to their work in sustainable local production, ISA also works in research, documenting, geoprocessing, communications and in the political sphere, both in Brazil and internationally.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Contact: Natasha Mendes

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