Tizimín Chili Producers

Indigenous People(s): Mayan
Country: Mexico
Product(s): Sauces from habanero chilis, Local vegetables
Description: The community is made up of 538 Mayan producers who live in 56 villages in the municipality of Tizimín and three villages in the municipality of Quintana Roo, in the Mexican state of Yucatan.
The community's activities began in 2005, when the Ayuda para Ayudar Foundation was set up following the devastation caused by Hurricane Wilma. The foundation wanted to revive the region's food production, following the motto %u201Cworking the land, harvesting dignity,%u201D and helped the community create farming cooperatives in various villages. Training courses were also held on food production and economic, social and ecological topics. Tractors, irrigation systems and other tools were also acquired, and everything was done with respect for cultural and environmental diversity.
Recently the foundation opened a processing facility where 80 women can produce sauces from habanero chilis and other local vegetables, which are bought at a fair price from the producers' cooperatives.

Text provided by Slow Food Baluarte Initiative.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Contact: Aurora Del Rivero Heredia
Email: adelriverostj@yahoo.com
Telephone: +52 9868636847

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