Native Garífuna Producers

Indigenous People(s): Garifuna
Country: Honduras
Product(s): Farming, Fishing, Craft manufacture
Description: The Garífuna community is comprised of 450,000 people in 64 villages along the northern coast of Honduras. Originating in the Antilles, where Caribbean islanders interbred with a group of slaves who arrived from Africa in the second half of the eighteenth century, the community conserves its original social structure, language and traditions. Community members work mainly in farming, fishing and craft manufacture. These activities are performed in compliance with a social division of labour. The men prepare the ground, fish and process raw materials while women sow, tend and harvest the field crops, and cook and sell the community's products. One of the group's traditional foods is a yucca cake called casabe, which is a staple food in the local diet used in the community's rites.

Text by Slow Food International's Baluarte initiative.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Contact: José Angel Manaiza Casildo
Telephone: +504 2815707176

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