Native Tolupan Producers (Xicaque)

Indigenous People(s): Xicaque
Country: Honduras
Product(s): Corn, Beans, Squash
Description: The Tolupan (Xicaque) are one of nine native populations in Honduras who, according to historians, have lived in this area for over 5000 years. They are hunters and gatherers who enjoy a special relationship with the land (which they call Mother) and for this reason the Tolupanes consider protection of the environment and preservation of nature to be one of their missions. They are divided into 35 tribes, mainly concentrated in the districts of Yoro and Francisco Morazan. Over time they have had to adapt their semi-nomadic habits, without however giving up hunting and fishing, and starting to grow corn, beans, squash and other typical products of Central America. For years they have battled with landowners and transnational businesses concerned with exploiting the natural resources of their land: wood, water, minerals and all the area's rich biodiversity. They try to defend their land from indiscriminate exploitation but despite non-violent protests about sixty of them have already been murdered by private police forces.

Text by Slow Food Baluarte Initiative.
Number of producers: 0 aprox.
Contact: Santiago Martinez
Telephone: +504 6712340

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