Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Talamanca

Indigenous People(s): Bribri, Cabeça
Country: Costa Rica
Product(s): Cocoa, Araz, Bananas
Description: The Asociación de Pequeños Productores de Talamanca brings together more than a thousand organic farmers of Talamanca, in the South of the Country. Most of them belong to two indigenous groups, the Bribri and the Cabeça. Their method is based on the joint growing of different varieties, with cocoa undoubtedly being the main one and the backbone of local economy and local culture. Considered a sacred plant and used in all ceremonies, cocoa is grown together with Araz (Eugenia stipitata) and pejibaye trees (Bactris gasipaes), under the shade of timber trees and banana plants (particularly the gros Mitchel variety) and its harvesting involves the whole family of associated farmers. (Text from Slow Food Baluarte initiative).
Contact: Walter Rodriguez Vargas
Telephone: +506 27510280
Source of Information: Pinned to Indigenous Map - Karina Bautista.

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