Asociación de mujeres emprendedoras El Porvenir de Pacayacu

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Country: Ecuador
Product(s): Cocoa paste
Description: This Association is dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of cocoa paste, an activity that represents an important economic alternative and contributes to the sustainable production of cocoa from the Cuyabeno National Reserve. The El Porvenir Women's Association annually processes about 1 ton of cocoa produced by the Zancudo Cocha community in farms under traditional agroforestry systems (chacras) and using only organic fertilizers. Today, the Kichwa community of Zancudo Cocha of the Cuyabeno Reserve produces 3 tons of dry cocoa annually and is an example of responsible and sustainable enterprise within natural surroundings.
Number of producers: 12 aprox.
Conservation Area: Zancudo Cocha Kichwa Community of the Cuyabeno Reserve.
Supporting Agencies: WWF
Location: Sucumbíos
Contact: Rafael Yunda
Source of Information: Yunda, Rafael (WWF). Message to Canopy Bridge. E-mail. August 2015
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