Pusharo Lodge

Indigenous People(s): Machiguenga
Country: Peru
Product(s): GRID, Tourism services
Description: The Pusharo Lodge is an ecolodge located in the buffer zone of Manu National Park along the Alto Madre de Dios and near the Cerros de Pantiocolla. This lodge is owned and run by the Matsigenka community of Palotoa-Teparo and provides access to beautiful, wild, biodiverse rainforests, and the most important petroglyph site in southeastern Peru (and one of the most important in the Amazon basin). In addition to visiting the petroglyphs, a number of other exciting activities are possible, including wildlife observation and guided hikes through the jungle. The community who owns the lodge is aware of the pressures placed on the surrounding forest by the logging industry and established the lodge to give community members an alternative to extraction of lumber.

The Palotoa-Teparo community: This indigenous community is made up of Matsigenka families that come from the Palotoa and Teparo rivers. Like other Matsigenka groups, they cultivate small orchards with pineapple, cassava, and other fruits and vegetables, forage and hunt in the surrounding rainforests, and fish in the rivers. They also extract some timber, but mostly for the construction of homes, as commercialization of lumber was banned by the community several years ago. The members of the Palotoa-Teparo community are happy to share the beauty and biodiversity of their land as well as bring guests to the Pusharo petroglyphs and sites visited by wildlife.
Number of producers: 19 aprox.
Conservation Area: Comunidad Nativa Palotoa Teparo.
Supporting Agencies: Centro para el Desarrollo del Indígena Amazónico (CEDIA)
Location: Palotoa Teparo native community., Manu-Manu-Madre de Dios
Contact: Josue Vicente Coshante
Email: pusharo_lodge@outlook.es
Telephone: +51 01 420 4340
Source of Information: Rivera, Dani (CEDIA). Message to Indigenous Atlas. E-mail. Aug 2015.

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