Centro de Turismo Comunitario Kichwa Shayari

Indigenous People(s): Kichwa
Country: Ecuador
Product(s): Tourism services
Description: The Kichwa Shayari Community Tourism Center includes 15 families who offer lodging, meals, hikes, and visits to various sites such as an animal rescue center, Moretecocha Lake, and Shamán Waterfall. Each year they welcome around 500 guests to their community, and thanks to financial support for the project, they have built three cabins and a hostel for 25 visitors, each room containing three to five beds.
Conservation Area: Comunidad Kichwa Sayari.
Location: Shayari Community, Sucumbíos
Contact: Guillermo Vargas
Source of Information: Saberes ancestrales ahora generan emprendimientos. El Telegrafo. 20 Apr 2012. Accessed Jun 2015. Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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