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Indigenous People(s): Yanesha
Country: Peru
Product(s): Golden berry, Coffee, Caygua, Sweet granadilla, Rocoto pepper, Tamarillo, Squash
Description: The Gramazú Association of Agricultural Producers (APAG) is dedicated to organic farming. While their main product is coffee, the association's members also produce squash, sweet granadilla, rocoto pepper, kaywa, and fruits such as Quito quto, golden berry, and tamarillo. Some of APAG's members also tend livestock and make handicrafts. Ninety Five percent of the coffee production is for export, while the other products are for sale in local markets, specially in Lima.
Number of producers: 31 aprox.
Certification(s): Organic
Conservation Area: Tsachopen native community - Gramazú sector.
Supporting Agencies: ADEC-ATC, IBC
Location: Chontabamba District, Chontabamba, Oxapamba, Pasco
Contact: Juliana Sánchez Delgado
Email: jmsanzd@hotmail.com
Telephone: +51 94 983 3320
Source of Information: Sánchez Delgado Juliana (ADEC-ATC). Message to Indigenous Atlas. E-mail. May 2015

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