Indigenous People(s): Yanesha
Country: Peru
Product(s): Coffee
Description: The Association of Sustainable Yanesha Producers (APSY) has been managing their coffee farms with a business mind, as well as social and environmental responsibility, so that they remain financially profitable. APSY owns approximately 1,050 hectares of land, mostly composed of forest. Only 14% is devoted to crops and 10% are coffee plantations. The old farms have been restored with new technology for weaving and other complementary practices. The new plantations were made with high quality and highly productive seedlings produced in plastic tubetes. Now, they have achieved surprising yields: in the third year since transplanting to the field, gold coffee has an average yield of 80 quintals per hectare. Then, so as not to exhaust them, these plantations are managed with systematic pruning, achieving average yields of 40 quintals per hectare every year, throughout a life cycle of 25 years.
Conservation Area: Yanesha native community of Ñagazú.
Supporting Agencies: Ecoselva
Location: Yanesha native community, Ñagazú district, Villa Rica, Oxapampa, Selva Central del Perú
Source of Information: IRCAS, INSTITUTO RURAL CAFETALERO SOSTENIBLE. Ecoselva. Web. Accessed Jun 2015. Link.

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