CAC Satipo

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Indigenous People(s): Ashaninka, Nomashiyenga
Country: Peru
Product(s): Cocoa, Coffee
Description: The Satipo Agrarian Coffee Cooperative Ltd. (CAC Satipo) was founded on November 7, 1965 and from that moment began operations as a small producers business organization. Its membership has grown to 600 active members who fulfill the organization's overall objective to promote sustainable development of communities and partner households through the production, collection and marketing of coffee and cocoa. The cooperative's high quality coffee and cocoa are certified organic and Fairtrade, coming from producer families that include Ashaninka and Nomashiyenga indigenous ethnicities. CAC Satipo finances its activities with its own operation as well as with funding from various national and international support and credit agencies.
Certification(s): Fairtrade, Café Practices, 4C, Organic
Exports to: Germany, United States, Netherlands, Switzerland
Supporting Agencies: Central Café & Cacao del Perú, Desarrollo alternativo de Satipo, FINCIT, SOCODEVI
Location: Jr. Manuel Prado 459, Satipo, Chanchamayo, Junín
Contact: Johnnatan Ayala Lombardi
Telephone: +51 6 454 5030
Source of Information: Prom Perú. "Directorio de Proveedores Peruanos de Productos Orgánicos 2009." Siicex Perú. Web. Accessed April 2015. Link.
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