Organización Económica Productiva Buenos Aires

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Indigenous People(s): Shipibo Conibo
Country: Peru
Product(s): Lumber
Description: The Buenos Aires Productive Economic Organization is part of the Community Association of Certified Wood Producers (PROMACER), an association of six indigenous Shipibo Conibo communitites in the Ucayali region of Peru. The producers in this association have been trained in sustainably logging of their forests, and through their organization have been able to meet local demand without compromising the ecological stability of forests. Within the community's forest, the most abundant species are of medium and high density, including tornillo, cachimbo, moena palm, and cafetillo, among others. In order to guarantee proper forest management, producers must comply with the principles and criteria of FSC's Voluntary Forestry Certification. This means conducting a forest census in a given area in order to identify exploitable trees and seedlings that can be harvested in the future, thus ensuring the sustainability of forests. The trees that are identified as suitable for harvest are marketed by Citeindigena S.R.L.
Number of producers: 10 aprox.
Certification(s): FSC
Conservation Area: Buenos Aires native community, A Imiría Regional Conservation Area.
Supporting Agencies: AIDER
Location: Lago Imiría S/N, Pucallpa, Coronel Portillo / Ucayali
Contact: Joel Mananita Urquia
Telephone: +51 94 329 8222
Source of Information: Mananita, Joel (Aider). Message to Indigenous Atlas. E-mail. June 2015.
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