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Indigenous People(s): Mochicas, Tongorrape
Country: Peru
Product(s): Jams, Honey
Description: The Association for the Protection of the Dry Forests of El Choloque (ASPROBOS) came together due to the need to preserve the dry forests. There was overlogging and this caused more poverty, so the people realized that if the forest disappeared, poverty would settle in. At the same time, farmers had no viable alternatives (there were no other job opportunities). ASPROBOS sought to create them. Small-scale orchards were cultivated with mango, mamey, coffee, lemons, and oranges. After meeting their own needs, the association took the production to intermediaries, but they payed very low prices. ASPROBOS seeks to give fruit like mamey an added value, since it comes from their ancestral lands and is directly related to conservation. There can be no conservation without a strategy to make a living from it (to profit while conserving), to give people jobs, to give value to a product and to exert less pressure on the forest.
Number of producers: 33 aprox.
Certification(s): Organic
Supporting Agencies: GEF, PNUD, WWF
Location: Caserío El Choloque, of the Tongorrape rural community. El Cardo sector, Tongorrape, Motupe, Lambayeque
Contact: José Andrés Orellano Rodríguez
Telephone: +51 07 462 7577
Source of Information: Email from Julio Sotomayor from SGP/GEF/PNUD to Karina in July 1st 2015
Additional information: Link 1, Link 2

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