OIBI - Organização Indígena da Bacia do Içana - Pimenta Baniwa

Indigenous People(s): Baniwa
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Handcrafts, Chilies
Description: "Jiquitaia" is a unique blend of dozens of different varieties of Capsicum peppers grown by indigenous women in the gardens of the Baniwa communities. These efforts are part of the income generation project by OIBI, the Baniwa association with 141 women farmers in 20 communities along the Içana River, a tributary of the Black River.

In 2010, the Agricultural System of the Rio Negro was declared to be part of the Cultural Heritage of Brazil by IPHAN. It is understood as a set of knowledge and modes of transmission of knowledge that are intricately related to each other. Among these: the diversity of cultivated plants, farm and orchard management techniques, the food system, processing and storage utensils (material culture) and, finally, the building of social exchange networks associated with plants and knowledge.
Number of producers: 141 aprox.
Conservation Area: Alto Rio Negro indigenous territory.
Supporting Agencies: Socio-Environmental Institute
Location: São Gabriel de Cachoeira, Amazonas
Contact: Natasha Mendes
Email: pimentabaniwa@gmail.com
Website: http://www.artebaniwa.org.br/pimenta-baniwa/
Source of Information: Indigenous Map. Pin by "Instituto Socioambiental", Natasha Mendes natasha@socioambiental.org
Additional information: Link 1

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