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Indigenous People(s): Yuracare
Country: Bolivia
Product(s): Cocoa
Description: The Association of Wild Cocoa Collectors (ARCASY) of the Yuracaré people was created in 2010. The Association’s strategic objective is to generate and improve Yuracaré families’ incomes through the exportation of wild cocoa beans. ARCASY has 167 members from 11 Chapare river communities: Trinidacito, Barranquilla, Limoncito, Nueva Esperanza, Monte Verde, El Carmen, Santa Anita, Betania, Nueva Cotoca, Remanzo and Santa Rosa de la Boca. ARCASY is also the first indigenous association to be “fairwild” certified for cocoa harvesting. Their cocoa trees grow in the wild in the rainforest, without chemical treatment nor human intervention. The Association attaches great importance to the preservation of the environment. A symbiosis between the perfect climate of the tropical Andes and abundant luminosity guarantee a cocoa of the highest quality. ARCASY works in a fair and sustainable way with its member-harvesters.
Number of producers: 160 aprox.
Certification(s): Fairwild, Organic
Supporting Agencies: REPSA
Contact: Edward Quiroz
Source of Information: Quiroz, Edward. Message to Canopy Bridge. Email. May 2015
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