Casa de Produtos Indígenas do Río Negro

Indigenous People(s): Various
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Handcrafts
Description: The Casa de Produtos Indígenas do Rio Negro - Wariró is a store front for the traditional artisanal handicrafts created by the indigenous communities of the region of Río Negro. Located in the municipality of San Gabriel de Cachoeira (Amazonas), the products found here come from the Yanomami, Tukano, Baniwa, and other communities. Tukano ceramics are currently the main product sold here along with yanomami baskets, chilis, manioc, tapioca flour, pejibaya, Tucum fiber bags, and crafts from various ethnicities. In addition to these products the center also has books, videos, and CDs on the histories, mythologies, and music of Río Negro's indigenous populations.

Casa Wariró operates using fair trade practices and has direct ties with the producers, the lack of intermediaries leading to increased incomes for the famiies. A certificate of origen was recently created along with a fair trade seal, guaranteeing the products' authenticity as coming from the native peoples of Río Negro. In addition to its role as acommercial storefront in representation of the communities, the Casa Wariró is also a space for cultural exchange between the indigenous peoples and buyers, holding workshops, meetings for the exchange of Wariró products, local and national fairs, and international exhibits.
Conservation Area: Río Negro.
Location: Avenida 31 de Março, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas
Telephone: +55 97 3471 1450
Source of Information: Dylan Link.
Additional information: Link 1, Link 2

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