Paumari people

Indigenous People(s): Paumari
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Andiroba, Copaiba, Brazil nut
Description: The Paumari indigenous community lives along the Medio Río Purús in the southwest of the state of Amazonas. The Paumari, also known as "the water village," are a fishing community, but also collect chestnuts and extract rubber and oils (for example copaiba oil) from their native tree species. The Paumari have a management plan for the pirarucu fish, which has created the foundation for a business plan and production chain based on the species. This plan was organized in collaboration with the NGO Operação Amazônia Nativa (OPAN), Fundação Nacional do Índio (FUNAI), the Instituto Piagaçu and Conservação Estratégica (CSF Brasil). Following its implementation, the project has spread to include other river communities as well.
Conservation Area: Paumari indigenous territory.
Source of Information: ISA. Consulted in May 2016. Link.

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