Zoró people

Indigenous People(s): Zoró
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Copaiba oil, Handicracfts, Chestnut
Description: The Zoró (or Pangyjej, as they call themselves) indigenous community includes some 650 people living in the state of Mato Grosso near the border with the state of Rondônia. Represented by the Asociación Pangyjej, the community collects Brazil nuts as their main commercial activity. The association depends on several sources of support for this activity, such as their collaboration with the Mato Grosso secretary of the environment, and, more recently the Pacto das Águas project, which is financed by Petrobras. In addition to generating income for the indigenous community members, the collection of Brazil nuts also contributes to monitoring efforts in their territory, as the collectors routinely walk through various parts of their lands while collecting, aiding in the fight to avoid deforestation in the region. The community also produces artisanal handicrafts such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bows/arrows, etc., which are sold in their headquarters in Ji-Paraná (Rondônia).
Conservation Area: Zoró indigenous territory.
Location: Rondonia
Source of Information: Consulted in May 2016. Link.

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