Programa Florestas de Valor

Indigenous People(s): Various
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Copaiba oil, Fruits, Latex
Description: The Floresta de Valor project, implemented by the Instituto de Manejo e Certificação Florestal e Agrícola (IMAFLORA) seeks to develop sustainable, agroecological prduction chains for forest products in the Pará region of Brazi. The project includes traditional populations from the Brazilian Amazon (quilombolas and extractivists communities), and small farmers from the municipality of Sao Félix do Xingu, located in Calha Norte on the Amazon River (Alenquer and Oriximiná) and in Terra do Meio (Altamira). The project has strengthened sustainable production models for cocoa, copaiba oil, and rubber, and has benefitted some five thousand people. IMAFLORA also looks to connect Amazonian producers with businesses committed to ethical markets. The quilombola communities in the municipality of Oriximiná have produced and sold 3,300 liters of copaiba oil to the Swiss company Firmenich, which is active in the flavors and aromas market in the food and cosmetics industries. The extractive reserves in Rio Iriri, Rio Xingu and Riozinhi Afr´ˆsio (in Terra de Meio) have sold caucho to the company Mercur. The commercial relationships between the communities and Mercur are based on a community protocol that provides for ethical commercial commitments, and respects the lifestlyles and values of forest communities. Mercur also pays the highest price for the product in the region. The small producers of Sao Félix do Xingu commercialize cocoa through a partnership with Industrial Brasileira do Cacau (IBC). A portion of each harvest (1,500 tons on average) is sold to make fine chocolates (IBC has tested and classified the cocoa as Type I). The producers are represented by the Cooperativa Mista d Pequenos Productores do Alto Xingu (CAMPPAX) and by the Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Agricultura Familiar do Alto Xingu (ADAFAX). By promoting the appreciation of sustainable economies and agricultural biodiversity, Proyecto Florestas de Valor helps to confront the strong deforestation pressures affecting traditional populations. Ranching, illegal logging, and large, national infrastructure projects have caused significant deforestation in these three regions of the Amazon, creating the need for new development models for the local populations.
Supporting Agencies: Imaflora, Mercur
Location: Pará
Source of Information: Dylan Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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