Indigenous People(s): Various
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Açaí, Andiroba, Cocoa, Copuazu, Cumaru
Description: La Cooperativa Alternativa Mista de Pequenos Produtores do Alto Xingu (CAMPPAX) has gained national prominence for its production of cocoa in Sao Félix do Xingu, Pará. Every harvest, the cooperative sells around 2000 tons of cocoa, all produced in agroforestry systems. In addition to helping to recuperate degraded landscapes, the cocoa trees help to restore sources of drinking water and to generate significant incomes for the local producers. The Amazon is an ideal location for cocoa cultivation, as its great access to water and natural defenses against pests and disease help reduce the use of fungicides in its production. The fruit's high quality is seen through its red color, fruity aroma, and the presence of nutrients indicative of adequate levels of cocoa butter. Beyond these natural characteristics, our cocoa's quality is determined by our cultivation and harvest methods, which are characterized by frequent pruning and precise fermentation and selection methods, providing the highest quality cocoa in Sao Félix do Xingu. In 2013 our cocoa was tested by the Industria Brasileira do Cacau (IBC) and by the company Cacau Show, which classified it as cocoa type 1 for the production of specialty chocolates. In 2014 the producers of Sao Félix signed a deal of R $1,000,000 (about USD$277,000) with the IBC for the sale of 50 tons of cacao for the production of fine chocolates. This connection between CAMPPAX and the IBC was facilitated by IMAFLORA (Instituto de Manejo e Certificação Florestal e Agrícola), which has carried out several projects to build sustainable production chains within the cooperative. Financial support was provided by Petrobras.
Supporting Agencies: Imaflora
Location: Pará
Source of Information: IDESAM. Consulted in May 2016. Link.

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