RDS do Uatumã

Country: Brazil
Product(s): Fruits, Brazil nut, Fish farming, Tourism, Handicrafts
Description: The Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Uatumã (RDS) is located in the municipalities of San Sebastián, Itapiranga and Uatumã in the state of Amazonas. The reserve's population carries out various sustainable activities such as the manufacture of wooden crafts and goods, aquaculture, and tourism based on sport fishing. Since 2006, the Instituto de Conservação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Amazônia (IDESAM) has implemented several projects in the RDS to support sustainable activities. Through these projects they have been able to offer courses on artisanal production practices to the local populations as well as provide tanks for raising fish. IDESAM also helps to promotechestnut collection and plant cultivation. More than 370 families from the reserve have participated in planting these fruit varieites, and the work is carried out with the Associação Agroextrativista das Comunidades da Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Uatumã (AACRDSU). The RDS Uatumã also participates in the Bolsa Floresta program, an initiative managed by the Fundação Amazonas Sustentável from the state of Amazonas. One of the branches of this program, Bolsa Floresta Ingresos, guarantees financial support to the communities in order to develop sustainable productive activities and to help in certifying that these products sourced from the Amazon do not cause deforestation. In the RDS Uatumã, this program is focused on fish farming.
Supporting Agencies: IDESAM
Location: Amazonas
Source of Information: Dylan Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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