Associação Resex de Río Unini

Country: Brazil
Product(s): Arumã, Rubber, Manioc flour, Brazil nut
Description: The Reserva Extrativista (RESEX) do Rio Unini, established in 2006, is located in the city of Barcelos, in the state of Amazonas. Three communities live in this 833.353 hectare area, sharing it with seven other communities who also utilize RESEX's resources. These communities' main productive activities are the extraction of Brazil nut, vines, and plantains, and the production of manioc flour. Brazil nut has been the most significant of these products, and in 2010 the Cooperativa Mista Agroextrativista di Rio Unini (Coomaru) was founded and began to operate a Brazil nut processing plant. In 2014 the plant generated $100,000 from a harvest of 15 tons of Brazil nut, to the benefit of 188 families on the reserve. The environmental organization Fundaçao Vitoria Amazônica (FVA) and the Brazilian government's Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservación de la biodiversidad (ICMBio) supported the organization of the Brazil nut's production chain, the construction of the plant, and technical training for the local population in the RESEX do Rio Unini.
Supporting Agencies: FVA
Location: Amazonas
Source of Information: Dylan Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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