Reservas extractivas Xingu

Country: Brazil
Product(s): Andiroba oil, Copaiba oil, Babassu palm, Rubber, Brazil nut
Description: The Instituto de Manejo e Certificaçao Floresta el Agrícola (Imaflora) is implementing projects to develop forest management and income generation for communities in the Extractive Reserves located in the Terra do Meio region of Pará.. The three extractive reserves (RESEX) that participate in the project are: Rio Xingu, Riozinho do Afrísio and Rio Iriri. Through this project they have carried out diagnostics on management, production costs, certification, and market potential in order to strengthen productive chains for the Brazil nut, natural rubber, and copaiba and babasú oils.
Conservation Area: Resex Riozinho, Terra do Meio, Iriri.
Supporting Agencies: Firmenish, Mercur, Ouro Verde
Location: Pará
Source of Information: Dylan Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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