Pacto das Águas

Indigenous People(s): Arara, Cinta-Larga, Gavião, Rikbaktsa
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Handcrafts, Rubber, Copaiba, Brazil nut
Description: The "Water Pact" (Pacto das Águas) project is focused on continuing programs that support the strengthening of social organization with indigenous and traditional communities in northwestern Mato Grosso. This effort includes expanding non-timber forest management and strengthening production chains of the Brazil nut and native rubber gum. Another integral part of the project's second phase is environmental education geared towards conservation of natural resources and environmental and land management. This educational focus is coupled with efforts to strengthen leadership and community associations within the Guariba-Roosevelt Extractive Reserve and Indigenous territories.
Conservation Area: Igarapé Lourdes, Roosevelt, Serra Morena, Erikpatsa, Japuira, and do Escondido indigenous territories; Parque Indigena do Aripuana, Aripuna.
Supporting Agencies: FUNAI, Petrobras, PNUD, SEMA
Location: Mato Grosso
Source of Information: Dylan Link.

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