Indigenous People(s): Various
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Fruit pulp, Cocoa beans, Black pepper, Vegetable oil
Description: The Cooperativa Agrícola Mixta de Tomé-Açu (CAMTA) is made up of 170 "nipo-brazilian" members, processing fruits (cultivated by more than 2,800 farmers from the Amazon) into frozen pulps in Agroindustria de Frutas Tropicais, founded in 1987, . By purchasing from family farms in Vale do Acará y Baixo Tocantins, the initiative aims to respect fair trade practices and improve incomes and living conditons for Amazon communities. CAMTA incentivizes farmers to adopt the sustainable technologies from the Agroforestería del Sistema de Tomé–Açu (SAFTA), certified by the Brazilian environmental ministry. This system promotes the continuity of different cultures through the cultivation of tropical fruits and prevents deforestation in the Amazon. Each year the company processes around 12 million tons of fruits to produce 3,000 tons of pulp. In addition to the 14 flavors of natural fruits, CAMTA produces cocoa, vegetable oils, and pepper. Part of the production is sold in the domestic market, while part is exported to countries such as Japan, Germany, the United States, and Argentina.
Conservation Area: Tomé-Açu.
Exports to: Japan
Location: Pará
Source of Information: Dylan Link.

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