Indigenous People(s): Wari
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Agroforestry products, Poultry
Description: Inhabitants of the Tierra Indígena Igarapé Lage, located in Guajará-Mirim (Rondônia), the indigenous community of Linha 10 (a Wari community) began a poultry-raising project in conjunction with the cultivation of fruits and corn. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Fundación Nacional del Indio (FUNDAI) and EMATER. Initially they ran diagnostics and held workshops and training sessions for the indigenous populations, collaboriating with 22 families, mainly made up of women and children, to strengthen the community's infrastructure. FUNAI buys fruit plants from the community while EMATER offers technical support. The families have formed a work cooperative and resources to construct an initial structure, allowing them to arrive at their final goal of spreading to other communities in the region.
Conservation Area: Igarapé Lage indigenous territory.
Location: Rondonia
Source of Information: Dylan Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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