Gavião e Arara

Indigenous People(s): Arara, Gavião
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Copaiba oil, Handcrafts, Manioc, Brazil nut
Description: The indigenous communities of Gavião (Ikolen) and Arara (Karo) from the Tierra Indígena Igarapé Lourdes are located in the municipality of Ji-Paraná in Rondônia. Since the 1970's the regions have suffered great pressure from deforestation, mainly due to the construction of the BR-364 highway and agrarian colonization promoted by the National Integration Program. As a consequence, there have been many conflicts over land betwen the indigenous communities and surrounding populations. The Tierra Indígena Igarapé Lourdes mainly produces manioc flour, Brazil nuts, and copaiba oil extract. The Pacto de Águas project, sponsored by Petrobras, has been the main source of support for the sustainable management of the Brazil nut in Igarapé Lourdes and for the value chain's infrastructure.
Conservation Area: Igarapé Lourdes indigenous territory.
Location: Rondonia
Source of Information: Dylan Link.
Additional information: Link 1, Link 2

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