Red de Sementes do Xingu e Araguaia

Indigenous People(s): Xingu, Others
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Reforestation seeds
Description: The Rede de Sementes do Xingu (RSX) responds to a need for forest species seeds from the region of the Xingu River in Mato Grasso. These seeds are primarily used to recover landscapes in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado (the Brazilian savannah). Established over 8 years ago, the network of seed collectors includes indigenous villages, small farmers, tradiional communities and settlers from the land reform. In addition to generating income for these populations and contributing to the conservation of these ecosystems, the RSX promotes appreciation of the forest and commercial exchange between the collectors and the famers, ranchers and agricultural land owners who are the main buyers of these native seeds. The seeds are used to reforest areas within these agricultural lands in order to comply with new environmental laws in Brazil, especially the new Forest Code. You can find a list of available species on the RSX web page and contact the collectors through their collection centers.
Conservation Area: Parque Indígena do Xingu.
Location: Mato Grosso, Pará
Source of Information: Dylan Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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