Nanuya Community

Indigenous People(s): Nanuya
Country: Colombia
Product(s): Handcrafts
Description: The Nanuya Community in Peña Roja, a small community living in the Amazonian region in the South of Colombia, was a beneficiary of a UNCTAD Biocommerce project. With support of the Terra Preta Foundation, the community explored the possibility of marketing medicinal and aromatic plants. The community identified the variety and quantity of products that they could produce. In 2000 the "Sustainable Biocommerce" program helped the community to increase its capacity for financial analysis, access to seed capital, marketing strategies and business plan development, and market information. The Nanuya Community is known for having used the Nanuya language, which is almost extinct today.
Supporting Agencies: Terra Preta Foundation
Location: Peña Roja, Amazonas
Source of Information: BIOTRADE Initiative TED, DITC, UNCTAD. "UNCTAD BIOTRADE: Some considerations on Access, Benefit Sharing and Traditional Knowledge." Working Paper. 30 Oct 2000. Web. Accessed oct 2015. Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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