Makao Peru

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Indigenous People(s): Pucacaca
Country: Peru
Product(s): Cocoa, Chocolate
Description: Makao works with Pucacaca, a multi-ethnic community whose name derives from the Quechua words "puca", meaning red, and "qaqa", meaning rock, which tranlates to "Land of Rubies" or "Land of red rocks". It is located 58 km from the city of Tarapoto. There, "criollo" cocoa is grown, carefully controlling harvesting and post harvesting techniques. The producers are respectful of the ecosystem, leading to sustained economic development of the cocoa growing communities in the area of the Huallaga.
Makao provides know-how and methodologies that are beneficial to cocoa farming families, developing capacities and transferring agricultural management and agro-processing technologies. Makao is a socially and environmentally conscious organization, therefore therefore it aims to make sustainable social change through the impact it has on families in the area.
Location: Pucacaca
Contact: Carlos Aquino
Source of Information: Lista de expositores. Expoalimentaria Peru. Web. Accessed April 2015. Link.

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