Memoria y Creatividad: La Empresa Indígena

Indigenous People(s): Camëntsá, Inga, Sikuani, Zenú, Cubeo, Wounán, Okaina, Kogi, Arhuaco, Wayuú, Tule, Embera
Country: Colombia
Description: The project aims to improve the lives of 14 indigenous communities by valuing their creative expressions and strengthening their business capacities while contributing to cultural heritage conservation. The process focused on strengthening the capacity of craftsmen and artisans and aims to enhance the creative process and the development of craftsmanship as a profession in order to produce unique objects with cultural identity.
Supporting Agencies: Etnollano Foundation, Mambe Foundation
Location: Antioquia
Source of Information: Memoria y Creatividad: La empresa Indígena. Fundación Suarmericana. Web. Accessed May 2015. Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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