Indigenous People(s): Cocamas, Ticunas
Country: Colombia
Product(s): Camu camu, Wood, Vee (Palicourea triphylla)
Description: The Lumberers Association of Tarapaca (ASOMATA) is part of the "Amazonia Viva" project. The project area in Colombia comprises 423,000 hectares of forest, corresponding to the Forest Management Unit of Tarapaca which is under the administration of CORPOAMAZONIA. In this area, logging permits have been granted to local organizations like the Lumberers Association of Tarapaca (ASOMATA), which has a permit for the exploitation of 20,000 hectares and associates the loggers and all others who directly or indirectly live off logging.
Conservation Area: Cotuhé Putumayo Indigenous Reserve; Amacayu y Puré National Parks.
Supporting Agencies: Corpoamazonía, GIZ, Sinchi Institute, WWF
Location: Tarapacá, Putumayo
Source of Information: Camu camu. María Soledad Hernández G., Jaime Alberto Barrera G. (Comp.). Bogotá, Colombia: Instituto Amazónico de Investigaciones Científicas-Sinchi, 2010.
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