Macaquiño Community

Indigenous People(s): Cubeo, Siriano, Tukano, Yurutí
Country: Colombia
Product(s): Carayuru, Vee (Palicourea triphylla)
Description: Identification, characterization, and collection of plant species traditionally known for their cosmetic uses was performed by the Sinchi Institute and the communities involved. This work led to the participatory creation of a plan for extraction and use of these plants by identifying their natural benefits, proper cultivation techniques, potential to promote and generate value added products in the region, and ability to give rise to a regional value chains that ensure the equitable sharing of their benefits.
Supporting Agencies: Alcaldía de Mitú, GIZ, Gobernación de Vaupés, Sinchi Institute, OTCA
Location: Mitú, Vaupés
Source of Information: Desarrollo de la Cadena Productiva de Ingredientes Naturales en el Municipio de Mitú Departamento del Vaupés con Proyección al Subsector de la Cosmética. Instituto amazónico de investigaciones científicas Sinchi. Web. Accesed April 2015. Link.
Additional information: Link 1

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