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Indigenous People(s): Cocamas, Ticunas
Country: Colombia
Product(s): Camu camu, Amazonian fruit jams, Copuazu pulp
Description: ASMUCOTAR is a community organization of women, made up of the wives, mothers, sisters or daughters of the men associated with the Tarapaca loggers association, which backed the organization in its beginnings. ASMUCOTAR has gradually strengthened its governance and, since 2005, has been legally consolidated as an association with the goal of improving the livelihoods of associates and their families.

After receiving support from the SINCHI Institute, camu camu fruit was identified as an opportunity to create a value chain for the community of women because of its abundance and versatility. They, as primary collectors, would establish the primary link in the camu camu value chain. For 10 years the organization has been supported through various projects by the Sinchi Institute. ASMUCOTAR now has a camu camu collection center and is capable of processing camu camu frozen pulp and jams for local and international markets.
Number of producers: 20 aprox.
Conservation Area: Cotuhé Putumayo indigenous reserve; Amacayu and Puré National Parks.
Supporting Agencies: Departamento de Prosperidad Social (DPS), Selvanevada, SENA, Sinchi Institute, WWF
Location: Tarapacá, Amazonas
Contact: Trinidad Polania
Telephone: +57 313 221 9641
Source of Information: Comunidades amazónicas aprovechan de manera sostenible frutos del bosque. Instituto amazónico de investigaciones científicas Sinchi. Web. Accesed April 2015. Link.

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