Juntas de acción comunal de las veredas Madroño

Indigenous People(s): Wachiperi
Country: Colombia
Product(s): Handcrafts, Camu camu, Experiential tourism
Description: Part of a project by Sinchi Institute financed by the Andean Community (Biocan). The project aims to contribute to sustainable management and use of camu camu, açai and copoazú through the development of management plans, the strengthening of local organization, the fair distribution of benefits and technology transfers in order to improve the local economy of the south Amazon region.
Supporting Agencies: Leticia's Chamber of Commerce, International Conservation, Corpoamazonía, Colombian Air Force, Gobernación del Amazonas, MAVDT, UICN
Contact: Alberto Manqueriapa
Email: albertomanqueriapa@gmail.com
Telephone: +51 98 496 8066
Source of Information: Fortalecimiento de la cadena de frutos amazónicos mediante el manejo y aprovechamiento sostenible de tres especies promisorias, por comunidades locales del sur del ttrapecio amazónico. Biocan/Comunidad Andina. Web. Accessed May 2015. Link.

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