Associação Metareila

Indigenous People(s): Paiter Surui
Country: Brazil
Product(s): Brazil nut
Description: Since its foundation in 1989, the Asociación Metareilá has aimed to defend and protect the rights, territory and cultural heritage of the Paiter Surui community in Rondonia and Mato Grosso. Throughout the years, the association has allowed for the creation of other indigenous organizations looking to work for sustainable development alongside other civil society organizations. One of the main successes for the Asociación Metareilá has been the Ethnoenvironmental Management Plan for the Indigenous Territory Sete de Setembro. This plan has been carried out by the community for the past 50 years. They work by consulting the local population, establishing environmental protection and conservation activities, and promoting sustainable economic and social developmet. As part of this plan for Ethnoenvironmental management, they also execute sustainable business initiatives in collaboration with NGOS. These plans contribute to the generation of income for local communities, utilizing a strategy aimed at enhancing the community's financial viability while designed to fit into the real contexts of the Surui Paiter culture and community. The most important sustainable business opportunity is currently the Amazon chestnut. The Paiter Surui's production of the nut is due to the work of the community men and women, and not only provides income for the community members but also for those who commercialize the product in the cities. Each year they produce between 30 and 50 tons of chestnut, and 25 tons were commercialized by the Paiter Surui in 2015. The economic viability of this production chain contributes to efforts to conserve natural resources in the area, as it provides a viable economic alternative to deforestation.
Supporting Agencies: CETABA (Centro Tecnològico de Alimentos, Bebidas e Meio Ambiente), USAID, COOPAVAM (Cooperativa dos Agricultores do Vale do Amanhecer
Location: Rua Geraldo Cardoso Campos 4343, Bairro Josino Brito, Cacoal, CEP: 76.961-496 , Rondônia, Rondônia
Contact: Almir Narayamoga Surui
Telephone: +55 69 3443 27 14
Source of Information: Pinned onto Indigenous Map

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