Rainforest Herbal Products

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Country: Peru
Product(s): Sacha inchi oil, Energy bars with maca, Camu camu capsules, Sacha inchi chocolate, Yacon syrup, Camu camu powder, Sacha inchi pudding, Sacha inchi snacks
Description: Rainforest Herbal Products is one of the fastest growing companies of natural health products. It offers the best sources of natural and organic products from Peru. Rainforest Herbal is known for providing direct support to the organic farmers and indigenous peoples it works with. The products are derived from the Andean cloud forest as well as from the Peruvian Amazon. Well aware of the fragility of these environments, Rainforest Herbal has built its commercial lines of products only from ingredients sourced from producers with respecful practices to the forests of their origin and with a dedication to support the local indigenous population.
Contact: Daniel Castro
Email: dany@rainforestproduct.com
Telephone: +51 97 552 0378
Source of Information: RAINFOREST HERBAL PRODUCTS, S.A.C., MIRAFLORES.Profile. All Biz. Web. Accessed Oct 2015
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